Health Care Reform

New York Times Graphic Novel Bestseller

You won’t have to worry about going broke if you get sick.

We will start to bring the costs of health care under control.

And, we will do all this while reducing the federal deficit.

That is the promise of the Affordable Care Act. But from the moment President Obama signed the bill into law in 2010, a steady and mounting avalanche of misinformation about the ACA has left a growing majority of Americans confused about what it is, why it’s necessary, and how it works. If you’re one of them, buy this book. From how to tame the twin threats of rising costs and the increasing number of uninsured to why an insurance mandate is good for your health, Health Care Reform: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How It Works dispels false fears by arming you with facts.



“Having spent years working to make health care work for Americans, Jonathan Gruber has now provided another service: Walking everyone through the benefits of the Affordable Care Act reforms so consumers care armed with accessible information. In an age when information is power, Gruber’s book is fun and informative, and it boils down the facts of Health Care Reform for all Americans.”

- Senator John Kerry
United States Senate


“If you want to learn about Health Care Reform, you can do no better than to learn from the master. Jonathan Gruber shows how Health Care Reform works in a way that everyone can understand. Read this book. You will not regret it.”

- David Cutler, Professor
Department of Economics and
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


“Jonathan Gruber’s straightforward explanation of what the Affordable Care Act does and why it will help people understand what’s true and what’s false about the health reform law. His message is clear and easy to get: when it comes to health care, we’re all in it together; and, together, we will benefit from making the Affordable Care Act a success.”

-Judy Feder, Professor and Former Dean
Georgetown Public Policy Institute

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