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On January 7th, freedom of expression was brutally attacked as crazed gunmen penetrated the offices of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The attack resulted in the deaths of eleven people who worked there: Stephane Charbonnier; Elsa Cayat; … Continue reading

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The most fun I ever had adapting books to graphic format came from the fact that in every case the original work was one I had read and liked. That was true with Ray Bradbury, whose work I adapted most … Continue reading

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Over the decades, it has been my challenge and my pleasure to create graphic adaptations of some of my own favorite books by some of my favorite authors. I got to adapt many of Ray Bradbury’s short stories, initially in … Continue reading

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On March 6th, Will Eisner would have been 97 years old. For the uninitiated, Eisner (after whom the major awards in the comic book industry are named) was one of the founding fathers of the modern comic book. His studio, … Continue reading

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The Height of Power

I am a short person. Not by choice, you understand. I come from a long line of short folks on both sides of the family. When fully grown, I reached the unassuming height of five foot eight inches. But when … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Frederick Pohl

The future died two days ago, with the passing of science-fiction giant and legend Frederick Pohl. Pohl was the last of the original Futurians, the direct link back to Hugo Gernsback and the beginnings of American science fiction. He was … Continue reading

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The Sci-Fi Explosion

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw the greatest explosion of science fiction since the 1940s, when the genre had found its first audience here in America. In 1977, Starlog magazine published a preview of an upcoming new space-opera that … Continue reading

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The first project I did with Byron Preiss was called ”The Bank Street Collections.” They were four paperback anthologies filled with graphic adaptations of genre stories—science fiction, horror, mystery, and fantasy—that were produced in conjunction with the Bank Street College … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs and Spaceships

My two first loves as a kid were dinos and sci-fi, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent most of my professional career creating books on one or the other. I recently saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, and loved … Continue reading

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Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of my dear friend Tom Cross. At fifty-four, having never smoked a day in his life, he died of lung cancer. He was an artist, an environmentalist, a writer, a visionary, a … Continue reading

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