Science Learning Thru Graphic Novels

Z File produces textbook-quality graphic science titles that help  educate students and science buffs as they explore the natural sciences through humorous and fascinating science adventures. Working with world-class science experts, Z File’s science graphic novels present the facts with compelling stories that move the reader from basic concepts to a more complete understanding of the subject.

The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA presents the history and science behind genetics in an easy to understand graphic novel that allows even the most science-phobic reader to grasp this complex subject. Presented as a “fact-finding report” from alien scientist Bloort-183 to his leader, The Stuff of Life explores the evolutionary success of life on Earth. Bloort covers such topics as molecular and cellular life, the basic mechanics of genetics, the key scientists who discovered DNA, how this knowledge is being applied today.

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth, once again presenting the intricacies of human genetics through the eyes and reportage of intrepid alien scientist Bloort-183. Bloort follows a half-billion years of evolution on Earth, from the primordial soup to the first forms of life and beyond, and discovers the four conditions needed for national selection to guide the evolution of every species.