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Ellison, Star Wars, and Me

So there I am, walking the floor of a major science-fiction convention in a New York City hotel, circa 1980. Back in the day, comic books and artwork and merchandise were always part of any con. I was the editor … Continue reading

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As I was saying. . . . My first assignment as an assistant editor at Starlog Magazine was to edit an essay by the great Isaac Asimov on the possibility of actual faster-than-light travel. I read through its 5 or … Continue reading

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In 1976 I was still teaching third grade in the New York public school system, but I was also writing freelance for magazines about pop culture subjects, like science fiction and comics. I had a column called “The “Super” Market … Continue reading

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When I was a child, I had several major loves. These included science fiction, paleontology, and graphic storytelling. I knew them better as sci-fi, dinosaurs, and comics. Some kids wanted to be a fireman or a cowboy. I wanted to … Continue reading

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