Recently, Publishers Weekly’s ace graphic novels reporter Calvin Reid did a column on the changing of the guard at Hill & Wang’s Novel Graphics Imprint. The founding publisher of the imprint, Thomas LeBien, has moved on and is now with Simon & Schuster, his place being taken by Scientific American senior editor Amanda Moon, who was chosen by LeBien as his successor.

LeBien was very good to Z File Inc., having acquired and/or commissioned a total of 10 titles over a five-year period.  There were three Bradbury adaptations: Fahrenheit 451Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Martian Chronicles on the fiction side, for which Z File had acquired the exclusive licenses. Nonfiction titles commissioned by H&W include The Stuff of LifeThe Vietnam WarEvolutionThe Hammer and the Anvil: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and the End of Slavery in America, and Health Care Reform. Still to come are, Uncle Sam Presents: The Great Documents in American History, Volume One and Volume Two.

We’re hopeful that Amanda Moon will also see the advantage of working with Z File as we move forward, especially as three of the main titles she promoted in the interview, and gave Publishers Weekly the cover files for, are all Z File books. You can see the entire interview here:–wang–s-novel-graphics-imprint.html